Zipping up a little fun

Hello everyone.  Just a quick post today on my first zipper projects.  I know I am a little late to the party but I wanted to try it anyway.

First of all the one thing that shocked me is that zipper are pretty pricey, I use to sew a lot and make my kids dresses when they were smaller but I don’t remember zippers costing so much.  Anyway I went online and found a listing on ebay for like 100 40″ long white zippers for $20 and I snatched them up.  My next thing was to add some color.  I tried several methods before I hit the mark.  First i tried soaking them overnight in a mixture of reinker, vinigar and water (like you dye easter eggs) and that did not work at all. the color come right off. So I thought I might coffee dye them so I boiled them in a large pot of coffee for like an hour and barely got any color.  So I set them aside and then it hit me….. Alcohol ink…..  So I went down stairs and mixed a small amount of rubbing alcohol with a few drops of reinker in a ziploc bag and rubbed it around.  Then I added a hand full of my now coffee dyed zippers and rubbed them around and I finally got the look I was going for…. a variation colored zipper.  I think next time I will just go straight for the alcohol ink….:)

So then it was crafty time.  After watching several youtube videos and seeing how easy it was I sat down and pulled my zipper apart and got started.  Here you will see 2 of the flower embellishment I created….  Can’t wait to make more……………..

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